Leather Care

Buck's Leather Company is very passionate about the design and quality of the products. We follow a thorough process in analyzing style, functionality and finish in the design and handcrafting the full grain high quality leather products to perfection. In doing so, we definitely encourage users of Buck's Leather goods to understand the care for leather. 

Generally, full grain high quality leather carries natural properties which allow the skin to age with grace, becoming supple, soft, shiny and darker over time and usage. In order to maintain or speed up the ageing process, you can apply leather lotion sparingly to the surface of the hide. 

Leather protector is also a solution that can be applied on to the surface of the leather to protect from harsh weather, including rain or snow. Overall, full grain leather has the ability to age without the need for any synthetic solutions to be applied, however, leather lotion or leather protectors can be used for extra protection or to be proactive in the product ageing.